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* We aim to research extensively and deeply and provide you the latest information in utmost accuracy and conscience.

* To develop and enhance the information sources and to meet the demands of the youth related to updates regarding technology  and business Start ups.

* to provide plans and ideas of primary relevance to the readers and their subsequent implementation methods.

* to train students , teachers and faculty members a new and different approach to academics and education related technology

* to expand and strengthen the Pakinfo community and to add any new tools and weapons of interest to the portal.

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* to establish as a premier knowledge hub and portal for its users.

Philosophy is based on the philosophy that

* knowledge is power , be it any sector or criteria and you should always strive to seek it.

* Information is liberating the mind and hence the soul .

* Education is the premise of progress in every family and hence the society

* every new generation of technology brings in an innovate idea to solve the same old problems.

* technology is best when it brings people together with an art of sharing and Caring.

* the only thing we know about financial predictions for start-ups is that 100% of them are wrong. It is not necessary if your neighbor has had a loss in the stock market then you are bound to fail as well. Maybe you are the one who can convert the perceived risk into an asset.

Message from the CEO

“I have been inspired by the upcoming generation of our country and the youth that has stepped out from the prevailing conservative ideas of our society to explore the different opportunities in and outside our country. It is my dream to provide a platform to them for all kinds of latest and trending business start-up strategies and plans and technology updates. Hence came into existence as a practical application of my dream and I sincerely wish that my efforts prove fruitful to the young readers .”

Muhammad Farhan Rashid-CEO